Bands Festival

10th to 13th October
DLF Mall Vasant Kunj
5 pm on 10th & 11th
7pm on 12th & 13th

  • 10th October
    • SARANGI FUNK: is a bold & innovative attempt to introduce and exhibit the untapped aspect of Sarangi.
    • SHANTI – (Sitar based Fusion Band / 9 members.) Shanti is a fusion band that has originated from Goa
    • MRIGYA – Delhi’s best known band that performs music sans frontiers, to rousing cheers from its audiences
  • 11th October
    • IMPROMPTU: An international Jazz band – classical, opera, jazz, the blues, Broadway and popular music.
    • JAZZ JUNCTION – (LATIN jazz set up / 6 members. Jazz Junction. The band which carries the LATIN influences of Goa to another level.
  • 12th October
    • M OCTAVE- Three member pop band popular among the youth circuit.
    • STATUS 4 is one of the leading bands of Goa that sings in different languages. Having a vast experience of over 20 years, Status 4 has created a niche for themselves.
  • 13th October
    • SONAM KALRA- Solo
    • OZONE- Indian Classical musicians come together to form a band with a whiff of western tones.
    • MANTHAN- the Sufi Rock band


Segment:Bands Festival

Dates: 11th October, 2009

Time:5 p.m.

Venue(s):DLF Malls


The music of the international jazz band is an eclectic mix of sound because of the different influence of music on the band members.


Reuben Israel has a wide vocal repertoire: classical, opera, jazz, the blues, Broadway and popular. His repertoire is predominantly in English. It includes songs in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew. He has performed in musical shows and operas and various concerts in India, Sri Lanka, Germany and France.


Akane Ozawa has a degree in Music Education from the Tokyo Gakugei University (2001) and presently teaches music at the Japanese School, New Delhi. She started playing the piano at the age of four and has been involved with several Japanese chorus groups since the age of twelve – as a member of the chorus, as a soloist, as voice trainer, or as the conductor. She has also conducted a student wind orchestra and is an active member of a Japanese drumming group.



Jazz Junction

Segment: Bands Festival

Dates: 11th October, 2009

Time: 5 p.m.

Venue(s): DLF Malls


Jazz Junction was formed in Goa in April 2004 by virtuoso Jazz bass player Colin D’Cruz. The band made its debut at the high profile fashion meets jazz show L’affaire Xtraordinaire in Panjim. Soon after that the band stormed through the ‘Down to Earth’ jazz festival at Campal and has since then, performed at some of the biggest live music events all over the country.

The band is formed with a unique ‘floating singers/soloists’ concept where a different singer and/or soloist is featured each time they perform. This gives the band a different sound at every performance. So far the band has featured some accomplished local as well as international jazz artistes and performs every Saturday night at the Orchid hotel in Mumbai.


Colin D’Cruz – Bass

Colin has been performing professionally for close to three decades now. The first ten years of his long and chequered career were spent on five star hotel resident band contracts, where he honed his music skills playing six nights a week with some of the best bands in the country at that time. Colin has performed and toured internationally with some of India’s most accomplished artistes like Asha Bhosle, Sonu Nigaam, Shubha Mudgal and Remo Fernandes and International jazz legends like singer Roseanna Vitro and trumpet player Eddie Henderson. One of the highlights of his career was performing on the world renowned Hennessey XO smooth and mellow international jazz tour. Colin has been in and out of countless live music ensembles that helped him evolve into the prolific and accomplished artiste he is today. He recently turned music producer and has been recording some interesting music at his own state of the art studio in Goa.


Other Band Members

Yvonne Gonsalves – Vocals

Xavier Peres- Keyboards

Lester Godinho – Drums




Segment: Bands Festival

Dates: 13th October, 2009

Time: 7 p.m.

Venue(s): DLF Malls

A diversion from Rock, a twist from Jazz, a flick from Folk and a touch of class is the way we see towards and describe our music. Manthan have a unique blend of various music cultures since we believe in experimenting and not categorizing music just to one stream or genre. Manthan creates music that appeals to one and all. As Manthan, we do not want to confine ourselves to one specific territory of music but to broaden our horizons. We find music as a state of mind and that’s how we define our music. It’s a source of unwinding then creating our unique identity as a group and as an individual. Music is an experiment and journey for Manthan and we have set out to be an original band and to bring up our brand of music, which would not be confined to barriers and languages. Manthan is not merely mixing western instruments with Indian but actually combining the two without tampering the feel and hurting the soul of it.
First of its kind in India, the band focuses on Indus Melodic Music. The band, which wants to stick to, its roots, reach out the masses and create a difference. Our music is not the regular rock or metal or grunge or may be psychedelic. Manthan focuses on a strong melody line and try to keep their music as simple as possible so that everyone and anyone can relate to it. Manthan is comfortable playing Hindi, Punjabi or even Urdu without any language bias, when it comes to pass the message we are trying to convey. Manthan’s entire focus is on the simplicity of music, as we say,
“Anyone can do complicated stuff but simple things are tough to do”. So much so that today, Manthan is being coined as the only genuine Sufi band in India by our listeners. Manthan, however, continues its quest to bring to the audience, the best they have to offer in the simplest manner possible.
The band came into existence on March 11th 2006. The founder members, Drummer and Percussionist Samrat Chatterjee played with bands like Saptrishi, Indian Leviets among others, Guitarist Ish Anand was with Hundred Octane.
ISH ANAND – Guitar
SAMRAT CHATTERJEE – Drums and Percussions
PUNEET – Keyboards
NIKHIL BAJAJ – Bass Guitar



Mrigya Band

Segment: Bands Festival

Dates: 10th October, 2009

Time: 5 p.m.

Venue(s): DLF Malls

Over the years, Mrigya has blossomed into a fascinating contemporary group venturing to stretch the boundaries of music becoming the harbinger of a unique fusion band offering a rich blend of blues, funk, folk, Latino, Indian Classical and jazz. The band’s objective is to expand in all directions and to play music without boundaries. It perhaps best represents the coming together of various strains of music.


Sharat Chandra Srivastava (Violin, Vocals)

Sharat is one of the founding members and the driving force of the band and over the years, has been instrumental in leading the direction of the music of Mrigya. As the violin maestro, he is considered to be one of the best young violinists in the country. Owing allegience to the Senia Gharana, he has been extremely active in the performing circuit for over two decades.


Gyan Singh (Tabla, Dholak, Mridangam)

Gyan’s tabla playing reflects years of hardwork and dedication to his instrument under the tutelage of Pandit Suresh Talwalker. His contribution to the band goes beyond the technical abilities when he takes his tabla playing to a different level of versatility. Be it flamenco or jazz, Gyan fits the tabla as if it was meant for that genre of music. By the way, he has also played with ‘Parikrama’ for a decade or so prior to becoming a part of Mrigya.


Rajat Kakar (Drums)

Rajat can put any speed metal drummer to shame with his sheer power and speed. Incidentally, Rajat comes from a school of jazz rock fusion playing imbibed from his guru, Ranjit Barot. He too is one of the key members of the band and has worked his socks off to reach the level of drumming and percussion.


Sacchin Kapoor (Keyboards, vocals)

Sacchin, very interestingly comes from a pop-rock background, who has over the years evolved as a serious piano player. He has this huge musical ability to add some magic into any form of music, be it Jazz, Indian classical, funk or rock. His lush chordal work and tripping solos are something you should really lend your ears too.


Indraneel Hariharan (Bass, Vocals)

A huge fan of funk, Jazz and hip-hop, who has the tendency to jam with the tabalchi at the slightest excuse. Neel was exposed to Indian classical and Carnatic music at a very early age which helped him play odd time signatures with relative ease.


Karan Sharma (Guitars)

The newest member of the band Karan Sharma joined Mrigya over two years ago. He is a huge fan of rock, who effortlessly merges his playing style to suit any genre.


Sukriti Sen (Hindustani Vocals)

Sukriti is an Indian classical vocalist who has over the years lent her voice to countless jingles and classical performances. Sukriti adds her own interpretations of vocal techniques which adds magic to any composition.

She has performed across the world and is now a seasoned vocalist to boot. She also toured with Pete Lockett (the renowned percussionist) in India along with V. Selva Ganesh (Shakti & McLaughlin).


Ghulam Qadir Niyazi (Sufi Vocals)

Qadir Bhai, as he is affectionately known is the qawwal of the band; has a qawwali group of his own but he enjoys Sufi fusion equally.



Ozone Band

Segment: Bands Festival

Dates: 13th October, 2009

Time: 7 p.m.

Venue(s): DLF Malls

The definition of fusion music Ozone is a fusion band based in New Delhi – India, which contain pure classical music from Indian culture and just a fragrance of western music in it. We borrow our name as ozone means O (our) ZONE (any encircling or belt like structure).

Since the group was formed, in 2007, ozone has steadily grown to become one of the most respected acts on the Indian music scene. Our sound is a mélange of the styles, moods and textures we have taken in from different cultures and different music systems of the world. Ozone is inspired by the famous band called ‘SHAKTI’.

The music of this band is deeply inspired by the famous band of living legends ‘SHAKTI ’. In our own way, they attempt to dissolve into the world they perceive, and discover music that resonates around us.

Many great musicians, especially in the Indian Classical arena, speak of the pursuit of that incredible moment during performance when the musician becomes the music and forgets his own identity.

In Ozone’s compositions you will find the mixture of ragas (from Indian classical traditional music) with combination of western music together.
Ozone played in many prestigious festivals in India as well in abroad like in karia music festival (Japan), Namastey India festival Tokyo (Japan). Etc


1. Azeem Ahmed (Sitar)
2. Danish Ali (Violin)
3. Fareed Hasan (Vocals)
4. Tridib Choudry (Guitar)
5. Sourabh (Bass Guitar)
6. Abhishek Pandit (Key Board and effects)
7. Hafeez Ahmed (Tabla)
8. Mohit (Drums)
9. Mohd Amjad Khan (Percussions)



Band: Sarangi Funk

Segment: Bands Festival

Dates: 10th October

Venue: DLF Malls

Time: 5 p.m.

“Sarangi Funk is a bold & innovative attempt to introduce and exhibit the untapped aspect of Sarangi. The band has a heady mix of Jazz, Folk, Western as well as other cross-cultural influences, where Sarangi gets funky and energised bringing out the vivacious and vibrant avatar of the instrument.

Gifted with unquestionable qualities of sound, tenor and innumerable variations Sarangi has exceptional adaptability to suit any genre of music. It covers the entire gamut of classical like Dhrupad, Dhammar, Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Kajri, Chaiti, Tappa,Tirivat, Tarana, light classical e.g., Bhajan, Ghazal, folk songs, film songs. Of late Sarangi has even dared to venture into Jazz, contemporary and new age music and very emphatically made its mark to everybody’s astonishment and liking.

Sarangi is the only instrument that is most complete, closest to human voice and the only one that is played by the cuticles (the most sensitive part of the finger nails). Its virtuosity lies even in the fact that it is equally proficient as a solo and an accompanying instrument to vocal performers.

The myth that Sarangi is used just to emote musically sad tones, unfortunately has stuck to it. In fact this is just one of its aspects, which coincidentally has been exposed too much to the public’s ear as a result of which its ability to express moods of happiness, vibrant energy, music to dance etc has unfortunately never been exploited to the full.”
Shanti Band

Segment: Bands Festival

Dates: 10th October, 2009

Time: 5 p.m.

Venue(s): DLF Malls

The word ‘Shanti’ means ‘peace’ in Sanskrit. A state of utter bliss, a beautiful painting, a splendid musical composition or fine sculptures are incomplete if they fail to instill a sense of perfect bliss in the connoisseur. Bliss is the ultimate goal of the universe; it is a moment of peace… a moment of Shanti. It is also a moment when diverse streams of music blend to form World Music comprising Hindustani Classical Music, Folk Music and Western Classical Music.


Shanti is a Fusion Band formed and composed by highly gifted musicians. It was formed with the sole intention of exploring musical boundaries of the world. The Band incorporates string instruments like sitar and percussion instruments like the tabla. Besides this it also brings to the fore the strains of saxophone, the magic of keyboards, the amazing rhythm of the acoustic drums, the lilting flute, vocal support, bass guitar and unique Goan percussion instrument – the “Ghumat”.


Band Members:

Yograj – Sitar

Vishnu – Keyboards

Mayuresh – Tabla

Irshad – Saxaphone

Sadik – Acoustic Drums

Sergei – Bass Guitar


A young musicians Yograj hails from Goa and is the disciple of renowned Sitarist from Itwa Gharana Ustad Shahid Parvez. Under his able guidance Yograj blossomed into a matured and seasoned Sitarist. Yograj’s style is a perfect blend of gayaki and laykari and is his USP. Today, he is looked upon as a true representative of Itwa Gharana. He was born in the family of musicians. His grandmother Pirozbai was the disciple of legendary maestro of the Agra gharana Ustad Nanhe Khan.



Artist: Sonam Kalra

Segment: Bands Festival

Date: 13th October

Time: 7 p.m.

Venue: DLF Malls


Sonam Kalra, a student of the renowned classical singer Shubha Mudgal, has also studied varied genres of Western music including classical opera and gospel under the noted tenor, Hur Chul Young and gospel singer Ashley Clement in Singapore. She has recently performed to full houses in Delhi, at the India Habitat Centre, the India International Centre, The Epicentre in Gurgaon and The Orange Ball on the occasion of the Dutch National Day and at Live where her concerts have been a great success.


She has also done fund-raiser shows for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India, Ritinjali and the Salaam Balak Trust as well a fusion Concert for Peace at the Satya Sai Auditorium. She will be performing later this year at The Garden of Five Senses, Delhi, The Amphitheatre Neemrana and in Jaipur. Accompanying Sonam in this concert is Alex Fernandes, an accomplished pianist who has played with several international vocalists and instrumentalists over the last twenty five years. Alex is known for his agility on the piano and a unique style. He has numerous solo shows to his credit and has performed in prestigious music festivals all over the country.


Sonam Kalra will also be performing in the Choirs Section of the Delhi International Arts Festival on 7th October, 6.30 p.m. at the Cathedral Church of the Redemption.



Status 4

Segment: Bands Festival

Dates: 12th October, 2009

Time: 7 p.m.

Venue(s): DLF Malls


If you want to listen to traditional Portuguese music where do you go? To the place where Status 4 is performing! Status 4 is one of the leading bands of South Goa. Having a vast experience of over 20 years in the Goan music industry, Status 4 has created a unique niche for themselves. Their specialization being the different languages they can perform in. Right from the local favorite Konkani to foreign languages like English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. They are recognized as the pioneers of Portuguese music in Goa so much so that they are an integral part of the Goan culture today.


Band Members

Dr. Allan Abreu – Keyboards

Abel Rodrigues – Bass

Richard Rodrigues – Rhythm

Glen Pinto – Drums

Sonia Shirsat – Vocals


SONIA SHIRSAT – is one of the most well-known musicians in Goa and the music fraternity. Known for her humble nature, Sonia also works as a lecturer at V. M Salgaoncar College of Law, Panjim, Goa. Her performance is a must for any event related to Portuguese music. She represents the FADO tradition in the sate. FADO stands deeply rooted in Goa especially among the people speaking Portuguese. Sonia Shirsat has even been sent to Portugal on Fundação Oriente scholarships to learn the Portuguese guitar and Fado singing. Get ready, you are in for a treat!



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