Segment: Choir

Date: 7th October

Artistes: Sonam Kalra

Venue: The Cathedral Church of the Redemption

Evening of Christian Spiritual Music

This first segment of the concert on 7th October would be Sonam Kalra, in accompany of pianist Alex Fernandes. Sonam Kalra is a vocalist whose skill spans both Western and Indian musical traditions. She has trained in Indian classical music under Shubha Mudgal and Sarathi Chatterjee and has also studied varied genres of Western music including classical opera and gospel under the noted tenor, Hur Chul Young and gospel singer Ashley Clement in Singapore.

This evening Sonam will perform a selection of gospel pieces. Her music is a joyous mix of everything she has learnt and her repertoire is composed of personal favorites- Classics like Joyful, Joyful and the eternally moving Amazing Grace, each of which holds a special meaning for her and she brings to them all a sensitivity that moves you.

Alex Fernandes is an accomplished pianist who has played with several international vocalists and instrumentalists over the last twenty five years. Alex is known for his agility on the piano and a unique style. He has numerous solo shows to his credit and has performed in prestigious music festivals all over the country.

Segment: Choir

Date: 4th October

Artistes: Capital City Minstrels & Mozart Children’s Choir

Venue: Sacred Heart Cathedral

The Capital City Minstrels in Concert for Peace

The Capital City Minstrels Choir (CCM), who performed last year in Europe, will sing again during the Delhi International Arts Festival 2009. CCM’s concerts, much anticipated in Delhi’s music calendar, include the Peace Concert to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary.

CCM is Delhi’s best-known choir. Started in 1994, it is an independent and registered society for the promotion of international music. CCM’s repertoire of songs spans a wide range, from the earliest formally written choral music, the entire spectrum of western classical music, opera to ballads, madrigals, folk songs, Broadway, rock, jazz as well as Indian forms of music.

CCM has 3 annual seasons:

Spring/ Summer Performances are scheduled in April/ May

Autumn Performance presents the ” Concert For Peace” inspired by Gandhi Jayanti

Winter Performances celebrate the Christmas season with classical sacred music and much- loved carols

Even with this packed schedule, CCM has performed at special concerts. It pioneered Chamber Choirs, “A Night at the Opera” in collaboration with the Imperial Hotel and almost the entire chorus for Delhi’s first opera ” The Fakir of Benaras” consisted of CCM singers.

We are fortunate to have been directed by an exceptionally talented series of directors, from within India and from USA, Korea & presently Gabriella Boda Rechner from Hungary. The Directors have enriched CCM by bringing and sharing their own individual interpretations and rich talent with the choir.

In early 2008, CCM played host to the German choir that performed in Delhi. Last June CCM, under its conductor Ms. Gabriella Boda-Rechner, undertook a path-breaking tour of Hungary, Germany and France where in its colourful Indian dresses, it used Indian and western accompaniment and sang selections from Indian classical, Indian folk, English spiritual, Latin classical to European folk songs. The response from the audiences in palaces, castles, churches, embassies, conservatories and town halls was phenomenal and most often unprecedented.


Gabriella has been CCM’s music director since 2006 when she moved to New Delhi. Born in Budapest (Hungary), Gabriella is a full time conductor of choirs and a music teacher with 25 years experience in Hungary, France, Morocco, China and now India.

She has won many awards: first prize in the Franz Lizst Musical Analysis Competition; Kodaly prize for the propagation of the Kodaly Method of Music Education; Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters for her service in the propagation of the French language and culture in Morocco and she is also an Honorary Professor of the Conservatory of China, Beijing.

Gabriella has trained young music teachers and choir masters within the framework of workshops and has also taken part in the production of operas. She currently directs several choirs in Delhi. CCM is honored to be directed and conducted by her and has also performed in Europe under her baton.

Segment: Choir

Date: 7th October

Artistes: Artistes Unlimited

Venue: The Cathedral church of Redemption

Time: 7 pm

This year Delhi International Arts Festival is also bringing another choir group, Artistes Unlimited, after opening up with the Capital City Minstrels at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Artistes Unlimited is an independent platform for Performing Arts. Established in July 2003 in a bid to create a collaborative space for artistes in Delhi, Artistes Unlimited has performed over 60 concerts, reaching out to an audience of 40,000.

From independent concerts that have featured an 88 strong vocal ensemble, an original AU musical to a 3-day AU music festival featuring Shubha Mudgal, Parikrama and Them Clones and a recently released AU original album featuring 46 artistes; AU has staged productions that have evolved to a higher level of innovation, music and showmanship each time.

Artistes Unlimited is constituted as a registered charitable trust with all associated tax implications. The trust embodies our philosophy of contributing tangibly to society. We regularly earmark a portion of our proceeds from various events for channeling towards the causes we support.



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