Fringe Festival

Segment : Fringe Festival
Dates : 3rd October, 2009
Venue(s) : Sri Ram Centre, Mandi House


The Fringe Festival which was introduced in DIAF in 2008 provides a space for avant-garde and experimental performances and the “fringe” arts, which do not find advocates easily. It also creates a showcase for young talent and a good source of entertainment for children who love puppet films and puppet plays.

Thus, “Fringe” focuses on art forms like puppetry, masks, street arts, magic, acrobatics, storytelling and very short films etc. As a result the experimental work within the mainstream and collaborations between more than one art forms work.

Innovations within art forms often do not see the light of day because such experiments lack performance spaces or because the artists are unable to “test” new ideas with audiences before investing in a full fledged production. The Fringe provides this small but significant space. Each performer has a maximum of 15 minutes on stage, thus giving many artists the opportunity to present a glimpse into their work and also be able to watch the work of other artists. It is also a space where an audience can experience several genres of films, theatre, puppetry, dance and music in just one evening.


he Fifteen Minute Fringe began in New Delhi in 2002 and has continued since as an annual event. It has seen 15 to 25 entries each year, ranging from 1 minute films, short animations, Sufi rap, Stand up comedy, Street magic, puppetry, to collaborations between Karnatic classical and Jazz musicians, between Kalaripayattu and Bharatnatyam, Film and Tap dance etc. It aims to bring together artists by facilitating interaction. This has led to collaborations, brought audience feedback for short experiments which have gone on to become full productions and has created a new audience which returns to the Fringe year after year expecting the unexpected. The Fringe audience comprises professional and amateur artists and enthusiasts all of whom engage in dynamic dialogues with the artists that help inform any future work.

The Fringe this year consists of.

  • An animation film by Nandita Basu based in many forms & genres
  • Puppet Film by Ranjana Pandey wherein traditional moulds of performances are broken using cameras and virtual images.
  • Puppet Play by Umesh showing street art and Indian Magic adapted for the stage.
  • Storytelling by Ashish Ghosh and Imraan comprise spoken word drama pieces that have a twist of humour and contemporaries classics like Shakespeare to our times. .And much more, all by performers who dare to defy.
About the artists

Ranjana Pandey- Film- This is a short film using rod puppets. The story is a day in the life of a lonely old woman. The tiny rod puppet depicts the loneliness of old age.

Ranjana Pandey is a well known puppeteer, film maker and the founder of Jan-Madhyam. She has used puppets in classrooms, in education, awareness generation and working with differently abled children for the last three decades. She is a faculty member at the Mass Communications Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia and the president of UNIMA-India, National Centre of the Union Internationale dela Marionette.

Nitin Das – Music video- Based on the music created by the band Ekum Satyam, Nitin explores images of children from a disadvantaged background, creating, dreaming and hoping!! Nitin Das is a Mumbai based filmaker who has worked on films like the six short stories which was showcased during the Fringe last year. He is an Asia Society Fellow and is about to release his new film “Jaduyi Pankh aur anya kahaniya”……Ekum Satyam is a band formed in the NGO Manzil. A few boys started to meet at Manzil and create music. Now lead by Hemant Kumar it is a full fledged band which creates songs on various social themes.



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