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About The Summit

To realise a green world economy that is based on the foundation of sustainability and prosperity.

To become the platform of choice in a nation’s commitment to enhance its technological prowess to meet global goals 2030.

To accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies to realise value in ensuring sustainable prosperity for all.


The Global Green Web3 Summit slated for 24th March 2023 shall be a significant coming-together of global leaders, leaders and technology experts who shall converge to participate in a dialogue of minds. The agenda of this congregation shall be to assess the world’s efforts in ensuring a green economy, the path covered in meeting UN global goals and to debate, critique and recognise solutions.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi gave a clarion call to the world at COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow in 2021, where he presented his vision around LIFE, Lifestyle For Environment — to ensure peaceful existence with nature. The LIFE  movement inspires mindful and deliberate utilisation instead of mindless and destructive consumption. Further, he emphasized Climate finance and tech transfer as an imperative aspect towards meeting UN commitments. He reiterated India’s focus on renewable energies, reducing carbon emissions and going net zero by 2070 and increasing India’s already significant contribution to mitigating climate change challenges.

Taking a cue from the PM’s resolve, the founders of Global Green Web3 Summit, researched on the role of technology, especially emerging technologies as Web3 in this initiative. The results of the exercise pointed to significant value-add Web3 technology could present in the efforts towards achieving a green economy.

Realising Web3 could serve as a critical solution, a global outreach was initiated in early 2022 to ascertain how nations, corporations and technology leaders approached the subject. This paved the way for formalising a platform that would see the global stakeholders engage in a meaningful dialogue, arrive at a consensus and present best practices and standards towards a Global Green Web3 ecosystem that ensures nations could mitigate pressing challenges while ensuring a sustainable business ecosystem for their citizens.

The Summit

  • The summit will be based on the key elements of the ESG Model – environmental, social and governance as critical elements that will shape the decade of action.
  • The summit is based on Conscious Capitalism
  • The summit shall have three parallel tracks E, S and G converging into centrestage event.
  • The three tracks shall be as follows:

E (Environmental)

  • Carbon credits and carbon tracks
  • Transition to circular economy
  • Web3
  • Risk Management

S (Social)

  • Impact audits and their role in ensuring sustainable lives.
  • Social schemes and initiatives
  • Web3
  • Risk Management

G (Governance)

  • Policy Insights and policy interventions
  • Best Practices – Global ESG frameworks
  • ESG Reporting in India –  BRSR Framework
  • Web3
  • Risk Management

  • The Web3 and inclusivity
  • How Web3 incentivises ESG adoption?
  • The Metaverse, NFTs and ESG – towards a new green.
  • Assessing ESG elements in smart contracts.
  • Carbon offsets and digital carbon credits modelling


Key value proposition of the Global Green Web3 Summit

  • The summit will herald a new era in business summits by having the key elements of the summit on the Metaverse, also as a testament to new technological advances as a catalyst for growth.
  • The summit shall have unique GREEN NFTs launched that shall define the core aspects of enthusiasts, proponents and think tanks of green economy, and serve as a vital tool to assess and reward green initiatives.
  • The summit shall see the official release of Web3 Best Practices for ESG, a white paper that shall be launched by leading official from the policy ecosystem.
  • The summit shall have its inaugural Green Tech Startup Recognition Awards – felicitating startups that are pronounced in their convergence of web3 and sustainability.