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DIAF 2012

DELHI INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL, in a short span of 5 years has become a muchfd2012coveted platform of the arts. The Delhi International Arts Festival was started in December 2007 with the idea of having an annual winter Festival in Delhi that was multi-art and multi-venue. It was designed to expose and sensitize people to the multi-dimensional facets of artistic practice and presentation by different cultures and countries. DIAF has tried in many ways to draw audiences into performing spaces and to make converts of those that were never exposed to serious art forms.

As an ‘Umbrella Festival’, comprising visual art, performing arts, films & literature, DIAF gives a rich artistic skyline to Delhi NCR over the two weeks that it runs. All genres of art from the most traditional to the most contemporary in music, dance, theatre, puppetry, poetry, visual arts, ecreativity, films (mostly art/ artist based international films or centenaries) are part of DIAF Calendar. Classical music, classical dances (both Western & Indian), ghazal, Qawwali, bands, world music, Jazz & Blues, traditional, classical to contemporary theatre & puppetry and such like are featured in DIAF year after year. Held in multiple venues, a single day at times has 7-8 events in different venues in the NCR. With the belief that exposure to different forms of creative expression will facilitate understanding, empathy, tolerance and mutual respect between peoples and countries , DIAF has several international participants alongside Indian artistes. The sustained effort over the last 5 years has resulted in thousands of applicants from all over the world seeking an opportunity to participate in DIAF.

In many ways, DIAF is providing an aspirational platform for young professionals wanting to make a name and advance their careers. Also, several artistes from remote corners of India perform in Delhi and the visibility allows them to make contacts and further their career. Several Indian artistes get the opportunity to see performances of great artistes, which inspires them to work in their chosen direction.

Recognizing the influence DIAF has had over Delhi/ NCR in the last 5 years, the Department of Posts, Govt. Of India released a special commemorative Envelope (First Day Cover) with a cancelled Stamp in its honour last year.

Delhi International Arts Festival 2012 has participation of 30 Countries with premium performances such as the Scottish Dance Theatre, Edinburgh, UK, Cameri Theatre, Israel, Eva Yerebeuna among the top three Flamenco dancers in the world, Pantomime from Russia , Famenco- Kathakali duet, contortionist from Ireland, Lithuania’s Mandala Temple Of Flowers, fantastic jazz bands, world music groups, famous Indian performers, Sufi Whirling Dervish from Turkey, Qawwals from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and others, Storici Sbandieratori Flaggers from Italy, Transalento music from Italy etc etc. The grammy-award winning Buddhist chants by the Monks from Palpung Sherbling Monastery, Anwesha Dance Company from Singapore, famous

Ratan Thiyyam’s Chorus Repertory Theatre are other highlights.

Australia begins it’s OZ Fest with exhibitions of renowned artists. Hungary brings great performers in both traditional and classical dance and music. The Slovaks and the Czechs participate in DIAF for the first time with Theatre and Puppets. The V4 Countries come together with performances, exhibitions and Food Festival at Eros Hotel, Managed by Hilton, Nehru Place.

The Film Festivals are a class apart. The International Film Festival has films from Central Asia and Latin America – something never seen in India before. Indian Cinema celebrates 100 years with classic films where the protagonist (central character) is an artiste… Welcome to the 6th Delhi International Arts Festival…. enjoy.

Prathibha Prahlad
Festival Director

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