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Key Topics

  • ESG Vision for India
  • CSR, Sustainability and ESG Integration
  • ESG and Fintech: Society, Inclusion and the Environment
  • Enabling ESG at grassroots
  • Spotlight Presentation: Case Study: How the Indian government’s $100 billion worth Indian Oil Corporation is securing its critical energy infrastructure for ensuring your Data security & preventing breach
  • Keynote Power Panel: How Energy & Utilities leaders are leveraging technology to reduce their carbon footprint?
  • Aligning the future of computing with the future of the climate & energy, exploring Blockchain & IoT in Energy & Utilities for energy management & optimal efficiency
  • Global spotlight presentation: Clean Fuels & Clean Mobility: Role of technology in decarbonizing the supply chain & logistics for reducing the environmental footprint of the overall automotive and fuel industries
  • Leader’s Perspective: Energy & Utilities moving from Transmission to Transition – Understanding how technology is enabling alternative energies improve efficiency
  • Metaverse in Energy – exploring the possibilities, speculations & applications of Metaverse in Energy facilitating asset maintenance & ease of business
  • Driving innovation in the Energy & Utilities sector – Learning from an expert how Digital Twins can make the industry more resilient?
  • Digitizing MRV: Ensuring Quality, Avoiding Fakery, and Creating Transparency
  • The New Coordination Machine: On and Off-Chain Collaboration
  • Planting Trees, Saving Seas: Using NFTs and Blockchains Across Ecologies
  • Blockchains Are Boiling the Oceans’: The Crypto-Climate Narrative
  • Navigating the Crypto-Climate Narrative
  • Enterprise Influence: Lessons on Sustainability
  • Lightning Talks: Building Solutions on Polygon
  • The Multi-Chain Future: Building A Net-Positive Industry
  • Integrating Digital Services and Tech to Accelerate Sustainability Goals in a More Connected World
  • The Impact of AI in Achieving your Organization’s Sustainability Goals