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Wire Festival

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Reasons To Participate

Meet and Hear Industry Leading Speakers, Experts & Influencers

  • Experience a thoroughly researched and exclusively curated green agenda with input from industry experts in ESG (Environment Social Governance), Sustainability & technology.
  • Gain comprehensive insight into the Future of Green Web3 | Learn and gain knowledge of the full potential for the future of green web3 through innovative technologies
  • Discover Green and Sustainable Blockchain Best Practice Case Studies | Discover green solutions from others in the industry who are using tech to make web3 businesses more green & sustainable
  • Debate Key Topics | Engage in hot topic debates with speakers, panelists and fellow attendees and help shape the web3 green landscape
  • Amazing Networking Opportunities | Learn about the New Sustainable & Green Tools of the Future
  • Attend best in Class Workshops
  • Get your own Green Avatar
  • Plant a tree by attending the summit (Optional)

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